Saturday, May 06, 2017

How can Cloudflare protect your server?

Cloudflare to safeguard your server

This message is not an endorsement of Cloudflare and its services. 

This is just a reflection on how we have been using Cloudflare for dns and basic site protection for many of our sites.

For those who do not know, Cloudflare is one of the best available CDN services. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which is a man in the middle software application which delivers your website content to your customers, while at the same time protecting your server from people and sites with malicious intentions.

Cloudflare FREE basic protection

The Cloudflare basic protection is free and is good enough for most sites, but if you are a site with a lot of hits and need better protection, you may opt for their business or enterprise plan though.

Some of you may have the question of "How do I setup Cloudflare for my webserver/website?" Here is an indication of what you need to do to put your site up on

  • Get yourself a Cloudflare account
  • Add your domain name to cloudflare
    • Add your domain name to your newly created Cloudflare account
  • Cloudflare will give you a set of dns names
    • These names will be given to you by Cloudflare
  • Logon to your domain seller site and change the existing DNS names to what Cloudflare gave you
    • Change your name servers to point to the DNS servers of
  • Change the security settings to protect your server from most attacks
    • Activate the Cloudflare CDN to create a transparent SSL protected for your website

The Basic and Free version of Cloudflare can protect websites from simple attacks. Cloudflare is also reconfigured with standard captcha to protect your website. For sites that require better protection, there is the Enterprise version of Cloudflare.

You might want to give it a try!

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