How do I Extend a Linux partition in AWS EC2

Extending our Linux partition (in AWS EC2) is the resizing of your partition to use the whole disk.

Our running instance size was a Centos with 25GB hard disk space. Now, Amazon has told us that "This instance is scheduled for retirement" and we want to migrate to another instance. We found that we needed a little more space and wanted to extend the linux partition. So, when we created an image, we chose to provide for 50GB in storage.

So, we took a snapshot of the image and launched an instance from the image.

When creating the instance, the size was defined as 50GB. Then, the instance is started. 

The used hard disk space
Before we resized the Linux root partition, of the AWS EC2 instance, we needed to find out the status of the storage now. The df -h command will show us the storage space in the running instance. As seen below, it shows only 25GB.

al@ip-192-230-185-43:~/> df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/xvde1       25G   17G  7.3G  71% /
none        …

How can we reduce the running cost on AWS Server?

Cost Reduction or Saving money on AWS EC2 Instance

In AWS EC2, there are three main elements such as an Instance, a Snapshot and a Volume.

Each of these consume resources such as hard disk space, bandwidth and is costing us money on a daily basis.

The idea is to take a backup of our unused data and source and move them into cloud storage and then delete the dormant instances, snapshots and volumes.

This will result in an immediate reduction in our running costs of AWS EC2 instances. I will briefly explain how we do it, here.

Logon to our Amazon Web Services console and choose EC2.

What are the EC2 elements that cost money?

In the EC2 dashboard main screen, among other things, we will see Running Instances, Snapshots and Volumes. As indicated, these things cost us money, by the hour. Of course, Elastic IPs also cost, but only if we aren't using them.

Of these, the instances will cost us according to the server we have chosen, micro, small, medium, etc. The storage that we use for the serve…

நாட்டுப்பற்றுக்கு ஒரு சோதனை

நாட்டுப்பற்றுக்கு ஒரு சோதனை
வணக்கம். நான் ஒரு கணினி பொறியாளன். உங்கள மாதிரியே நாட்டுப்பற்றுள்ளவன்.  இதுல ஒரு விஷயம் பாருங்க, இந்த நாட்டுப்பற்றை எப்படி வெளிப்படுத்தறதுன்னு பல பேருக்கு தெரியறதில்லை.

நானும் யோசிச்சேன்.

வருஷத்துக்கு ஒரு முறை schoolலயோ, collegeலயோ, officeலயோ, தேசிய கோடி ஏத்தி கீதம் பாடினா ஆச்சா? இல்லை ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் ஒவ்வொரு நொடியும் அந்த உணர்வு நமக்குள் இருக்கணுமா?

நிச்சயமா இருக்கணும். இல்லியா?

சரி. அப்படின்னா மொதல்ல நாட்டுபற்றுன்னா என்னன்னு சின்னதா define பண்ணுவோம்.

நாட்டை பற்றிய ஒரு அக்கறை. நம் நாட்டு மக்களின் மீதுள்ள ஒரு அக்கறை. இந்த நாட்டின் சட்ட திட்டங்களை மதித்து நடத்தல் ஆகியன. இது மட்டும் இருந்தாலே போதும். அதாவதுங்க, நம்மை விட, நம்மை சார்ந்திருப்பவர்களின் நலனை நாம் உணரும்போது, நினைக்கும்போது, நாம் நாட்டுப்பற்று உள்ளவர்கள் ஆகிறோம்.

ஆனா, இது மனசளவுல இருந்தா மட்டும் போதாது. செயல்ல எப்படி காட்டுறது?

கஷ்டம் இல்லை... மிக சுலபம். உதாரணத்துக்கு, சாதாரண traffic signalஐ எடுத்துப்போம். நாம் என்ன செய்யறோம். முதலில், STOP LINE அப்படின்னு ஒண்ணு இருக்கு. அதை மீறி தான் வண்டியவே நி…

How can Cloudflare protect your server?

Cloudflare to safeguard your server
This message is not an endorsement of Cloudflare and its services. 

This is just a reflection on how we have been using Cloudflare for dns and basic site protection for many of our sites.

For those who do not know, Cloudflare is one of the best available CDN services. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, which is a man in the middle software application which delivers your website content to your customers, while at the same time protecting your server from people and sites with malicious intentions.

Cloudflare FREE basic protection

The Cloudflare basic protection is free and is good enough for most sites, but if you are a site with a lot of hits and need better protection, you may opt for their business or enterprise plan though.

Some of you may have the question of "How do I setup Cloudflare for my webserver/website?" Here is an indication of what you need to do to put your site up on

Get yourself a Cloudflare accountAdd you…

Is the world a fair place?

Is the world a fair place?
May be you wished to ask "is nature cruel?"
An honest and experienced opinion would be "Nature is Just". And nature at all times, gives us only what we deserve. 
Nature gives us experience every moment of our lives, in order for us to learn from it and elevate ourselves in our quest for the truth.
What is required of us is to accept the fact that nature is always working towards our betterment. The experience and understanding of life would be different for each of us, depending on how advanced our souls are. Those near the top end of the pyramid would probably be able to see the truth in the short anecdote that follows.
Left side mirror in automobile needs to be replaced. Customer gets a call from dealer. Customer is upset and angry when representative told the painting work will be done only after customer visits the dealer.
After sometime, the dealership called and said the spare part would be sent across to the customer's address. But, …

NSS error -12286 (SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP) Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s)

NSS error -12286 (SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP) Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). * Closing connection 0

I encountered a link which told me to update nss to fix the issue, like so.

If you're on CentOS 7 and are getting these errors while using yum, updating nss nss-util nss-sysinit nss-tools will fix it.

But, then, it did not seem to solve my problem, while setting the "setopt" option in curl for SSLVERSION seemed to fix it, magically.

See below:

The problem was sorted out when the following options were set in the curl_setopt() before calling curl

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 6);

Problem SOLVED

SOLVED: sftp Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity

Error:Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
I just want to share a peculiar sftp connectivity issue that we encountered recently.
This is the message we got when trying to connect to the server using sftp
Status:Connecting to Response:fzSftp started, protocol_version=8 Command:keyfile "somefile.ppk" Command:open "" 22 Error:Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity Error:Could not connect to server
We usually connect to my remote server using sftp to upload and download the work files.
All was well till yesterday, when suddenly, the connectivity to the server was not happening.
We distinctly remember being able to connect till sometime back, before the above error cropped up suddenly.
We were breaking our heads as to why the connection was not happening.
Rolled back in time and evaluated the things that we did during the past hours. It was suddenly that we got a brainwave that solved the problem.
The explanation:
It occurre…