Saturday, March 11, 2017

What is Spirituality?

Essentially, Spirituality is the individual's inclination or search to understand the Universal truth.

So, what is the Universal truth?

It is a fact that we are all in this world, to play endless games (re-births! Are they for real? We will discuss this later), to make us ready for the next stage in our evolution.

Over the course of time, we will try to find logical and rational reasons for the meaning of life on Earth.

Spirituality is a subject that we learn, like any other.

And like any subject, the students of spirituality rank from being in the kindergarten to the ones who have achieved the doctorate level.

One tends to understand inherently the ways and means of the cosmic system and consciousness over a period of time.

One trait I have seen in spiritual people is compassion for self and other fellow beings, humans, animals and others; a universal love which encompasses all the living and non living beings.

A spiritual being does not want to disturb nature. He/she enjoys being one with nature; blend in and feel the bliss.

A spiritual being likes to lead the straight path, which is the path towards realising the universal truth.

A spiritual being knows and understands that there are different roads that lead to the destination. He/she is not restricted but open to external thoughts and validations to reinforce their belief.

We have heard, accept and understand that "All roads lead to Rome".

It is believed that we have been using this metaphor since the 12th century, due to the well known fact that the well designed road network of the Roman Empire, spread out like wheel spokes.

A spiritual being need not be religiously inclined though. Because, he/she knows that religion is also one of the paths that lead to the goal.

As we reach farther in the path towards realisation, we find out that all the paths converge and lead to the same goal. When we look back, we find that there are people who follow the different paths, at the start of the journey; this includes those of the non-believers, who fight amongst themselves to establish their path as the only true one.

The methods may be different, but the result is the same.
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