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Omens and their Interpretation, Interpreting Omens! - Part 2

Omens and their Interpretation - Part 2

It has been a long time since I wrote that first part on Omens and their interpretation.

I am writing this as a continuation to that content, as I wish to share a few more thoughts, based on new learnings acquired over the years.

When it comes to interpreting things that happen to us, we have to take it that Nature or the Cosmos is in constant communication with us, bombarding us with inputs, which we fail to receive; or if we receive, then fail to understand; or if we understand, we fail to take advantage of these signs and omens in everyday life.

There are two types of inputs that an individual receives; one from the inner self or the subconscious; and the other from the unlimited Intelligence that surrounds us, the message from the cosmos.

The inner self, for example, reminds you not forget your id card, your purse and so on, when you are in a hurry and going to attend your all important finals. Your bag or shirt getting stuck in the door latch when you exit, or you stumbling on your way out are all simple examples of your sub-conscious communicating with you.

Come back, sit for a minute and you will recall that you forgot such and such a thing during that time. When one does not pay heed to the information the subconscious tells loudly, we find that we remember that we forgot our purse and watch only halfway into the travel.

The second type of communication is about matters that we are not aware of; those which our subconscious cannot warn us of, because it does not have any knowledge about it.

This is the cosmic knowledge which is transmitted to us through external factors. I would like to share an incident with you, which happened many years ago. 

An Omen that prevented an accident

A group of friends were going on a pilgrimage to Pondicherry, with the purpose of visiting various samadhis [final resting place or a memorial] of various spiritual guides. By the way, Pondicherry has a lot of such samadhis to visit.

It was about sundown when a few locals got into an altercation with the group as they parked the car in a place, which the locals objected to. One fellow suddenly leaned inside the driver's side of the car, removed the keys from the ignition and walked away.

Nobody suspected a thing on why this incident happened. An hour or so had passed by the time a compromise was reached and the journey resumed. Later, an hour into the journey, the friends saw a traffic cop regulating traffic around a car which seemed to have been involved in an accident some time ago.

It was then that it occurred to the group that if there had not been that delay due to that incident with the locals, it could have been this car that would have been involved in what was a major accident. The interpretation was that the delay was the divine omen or nature's interception that saved their lives.

Even though this may seem like an isolated incident, it happens to everyone of us, in one way or another. Because, we have been brainwashed into thinking that such thoughts are superstitions, most of us do not give a second thought to it.

A missed flight that saved his life!

In another incident, I remember a friend who missed his flight because he forgot his laptop in his hotel, and check-in was closed by the time he went back to the hotel and came back with the laptop.

The lady at the counter was adamant in not letting him go through. Later on, when they learnt that the flight was involved in a major crash, she came to him and said, "You owe me one".

The way the cosmos works is not immediately clear to us, because we are not party to the entire story; we are players who come to play a single game, go back and come again for another game.

It occurs to me now that nature gives us two guides, one internal and another external. To make use of our personal guides and play a fair game, seems to be the purpose of life. 

How we interpret them, what we call them, Omens or the work of spiritual guides and guardian angels, is immaterial.

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