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Omens and their Interpretation, Interpreting Omens!

This article is about experimenting with the inherent power of the human being, which have been lost in course of time, due to ignorance and/or disuse.

This is about Omens or Portents as they call it.

Portent, a definitionHow do you define portent? It is a signal from outside or inside about a future occurrence, which may happen in the next few minutes, hours or later. 

Have you ever had a feeling that this is not going to be right? And did you experience later that it was not right?

This happens to us all of us sometimes. Some of us may experience it more than others. Some may not have experienced it at all.

On the other hand, something happens to us when we are about to do an action such as, visit a friend, go to the supermarket, starting for office and so on.

You may slip when starting, encounter an obstruction or see a particular sight within a few meters of starting.

Two different kinds of experiences, the first one is popularly called intuition; the other one is called omen.

Intuition i…