Sunday, August 27, 2017

What is FREEDOM?

The definition of FREEDOM

It is probably the most misused word in the country today.

Everybody wants freedom; everybody is free to do whatever they want to do; and they do it, in the name of freedom of expression, freedom of action, individual freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of politics...

But, nobody ever thinks about where our freedom ends and we intersect on others' freedom. Look around us and we can see live examples of this attitude in everyday life.

Do we stop before the stop line?

Take a simple example of stopping our vehicles before the stop line. If you stop before the
stop line, invariably there is one who overtakes you and stops ahead. This goes on till finally, the vehicles are beyond the zebra and at the junction, while the poor pedestrian weaves in and out of the halted vehicles to cross the road.
When we drive along the road, we see a jaywalker suddenly cutting across the median putting his life and others in the line.

We see the policeman stopping all vehicles after 10pm and asking politely to blow. Are all people driving on the road after 10 in the night drunkards?

We see vehicles weaving in and out or lanes [lane markers are non existent in our roads is another matter] with scant regard to other vehicles on the road.

We see vehicles occupying the opposite lanes, especially at signals, inconveniencing incoming traffic.

Right of way? We don't care

We have also seen those sudden processions and road rokos in peak hour traffic, taking the entire city to ransom.

No freedom for our children

We see the British royalty lip locking on prime time news, while our two, five and ten year old children look at it with curiosity. Don't the children have the freedom to be protected from unnecessary inputs at their age?

Then there is a condom ad at prime time, which is discomforting even to adults, under the name of freedom of expression.

Freedom to Tax, but not to tAsk

We have a government which finds out devious ways to get more money out of the citizen, no offense meant. There is freedom to tax, but there is also freedom to get the basic rights in return; food, water, roads, electricity, free education, free medical support etc. When the government does that, people will voluntarily share their money.
And the list goes on...

Freedom is a two way street

But, not here. So, instead of free India, it is essentially, free for all India.

It could be ignorance, but ignorance is not an excuse. If it is ignorance, it is high time that we told people that freedom is a two way street; everybody in here have equal rights.

People have to realize that with freedom comes responsibility. The idea is about creating the next generation, and if possible, change the mindset of the present generation, which will understand this dire need for FREEDOM WITH RESPONSIBILITY.

Let us be the change we want

The idea is to promote this thought and make it heard and understood by every citizen of the country.

In my opinion, the only freedom that we can exercise without borders is freedom of thought. But, even thought should be restrained, because, as we know, thoughts become action.

And we all know that some of the destructive thoughts that became action have wreaked havoc on this planet.

If your thoughts reflect ours, do visit the FreeWiRes facebook page that we have created, like and become a member.

Start posting images where you believe we, as citizens, can make a difference.

Let us begin the change, starting with us.
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