Friday, February 10, 2017

Why is there so much suffering in the world

If God is real then why is there so much suffering?
How can there be a God who can allow all this atrocities to happen?

These are the kind of questions that arise in most minds, whether they follow any of the world's religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or other religions or atheism or neutral in their belief.

The philosophical answer to this is that it is the destructive actions of humans that caused it. Then, the reactions of humans to the ills happening to them perpetuates it.

The top executive is concerned with macro issues

The logical answer to this is that assuming there is a God, He is not coming down to help you out of a fix, in the same manner that President Obama or whoever is your head of state, is not going to come down to you and help you out of a fix.

The top person never addresses micro level problems; their focus is at the macro level.

We are responsible for our actions, nobody else

Next, whatever problems that we are in, are the result of our past actions. This is explained by the fact that we studied well in school, or excelled in a sport and are well placed in our life today. On the other hand, another set of students, wasted their time, watching movies, getting into bad habits and now are in a precarious position in their life. 

How is it that we can blame God for our actions? We get an interest from a bank only when we deposit money in the bank. We have to pay interest if we have taken a loan.

It is called Karma

Newton said, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The same rule works for every action of ours, good or bad. Only that the results are manifold, not just in the ration of 1:1

For every good deed that you do, the benefits come to you many times over. Similarly, for all the bad deeds we have done, the punishments are going to be manifold too.

Why is the person doing bad deeds living a grand life?

The most repeated question against the existence of God is "If there is a God, then why are bad people not punished?". How do we know they are not punished? The fact remains that we are viewing life from a small key hole. We do not get the whole picture.

Let us again take the example of the bank deposit here. The deposit that we put in a bank accrues interest only after a specific time. 

All the bad deeds that we do are like an overdraft from a bank, you are allowed to draw so long as your deposits allow. And whatever you draw, you have to pay back.

Similarly, all the bad deeds that we do will begin to hurt us only after our deposit has become negative.

Man is now a symbol of destruction.

Man has forgot to live in harmony with the nature.

Man has forgot to live in tune with the system.

Man has become greedier in search of material possessions...

Once we stop or fail to reflect on our actions, suffering is invariably the end result.

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