Thursday, December 01, 2016

An incident at a nationalised Bank - Demonetisation

Counter staff refuses to allow withdrawal of more than Rs.10,000/-

There was this alleged incident, which happened recently at a nationalised bank in Chennai, where an account holder was refused withdrawal of Rs.30,000/- which he was entitled to withdraw, within the weekly limit of Rs.50,000/- imposed by the central government of India.

The sequence of events is as follows:

  • The account holder goes in with a self cheque.
  • At the counter, duty staff rudely says he can withdraw only Rs.10,000/-
  • Customer asks why
  • Staff says, "Go and see the manager".
  • Customer refuses, saying he will not budge until he gets his money.
  • Hearing the commotion, the bank manager comes out.
  • Enquires with the customer; customer refuses to speak to the manager.
  • Tells him to get details from his staff.
  • Manager discusses with employee and then comes back to the customer.
  • Tells him the problem; there is a shortage of cash
  • Please take the Rs.10,000/- and get the rest afterwards [tells him a time]
  • Customer comes later and collects it.

Whatever happens, it seems pathetic customer service in India seems be a norm rather than an exception, leaving a lot to be desired.

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