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Disappearing SSL certificates from IIS 7.0 Manager

Disappearing SSL certificates from IIS 7.0 Manager
Keep in mind that they are going to cost you much.
If you have two ssl certs for a and then a, these two certs cannot be installed in IIS servers upto version 7.5.  IIS8 on Windows 2012 supports it though.
Note: you need to create the csr on the machine where you will be installing the ssl certificate. otherwise, the private key is not present and the ssl certificate is not installed properly.
Got this below information from elsewhere...

JBrunelle April 9, 2014 at 8:01 am If anyone is still watching this thread… I came across this with a digicert cert as well. What I did was import it anyway into IIS. After adding it, but before it disappeared I right-clicked and selected view on the cert, went to the Details tab, and selected copy to file. Selected to export the private key, and assigned a password. Then I refreshed (cert was gone) and re-imported the now .pfx cert and entered the password.
Worked like a ch…

A simple introduction to jQuery

jQuery - A small introductionWhat is jQuery?
jQuery is a JavaScript library, one of many available in the market, which can be used to create actions on your web pages, based on user interactions.
All that can be done using jQuery can be done using JavaScript itself. But, it is going to be a big task, in terms of time spent and repetitive code content. By using jQuery, you avoid repetitive code blocks, while making code writing simple and making it easy to make corrections to your code. What can I do with jQuery?
You can make highly interactive user interfaces, which create rich user experience for the end user.
Show me a simple example of jQueryjQuery is used in tandem with HTML and JavaScript and BootStrap, usually. The steps involved are creating the HTML document, with the necessary lines to refer to the JavaScript and the BootStrap libraries.

Next, the HTML text is created, if required.

Finally, the jQuery code is written.

The code, given below, will show a message which informs the user…

How do I calculate the fixed tax amount from the overall amount

How do I calculate the fixed tax amount from the overall amount
This was a task that came to me today. One of our colleagues wanted to calculate the tax payable to the government. 

Most businesses, especially when doing business in known circles are given only a rounded amount for services rendered or products purchased.

So, if the product is 1200 + taxes, the customer will only pay 1200 nett.

The onus is on the seller, to calculate the actual amount of tax payable.

Now, I wanted to find out what will be my tax amount, that is the amount I will have to pay the government as tax, from the 1200 i received from my customer.

The tax percentage is 28.75. I need to find out x, which will be the value I will retain and 1200 -x will be the tax amount payable.

My equation for the solution was this.

1200 =x + (x * 28.75/100)

I wanted a quick answer. My algebra was rusty due to years of disuse. It was then came to my rescue, with its algebra calculator that gave me the simplified equation.


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in path/to/filename.php on line

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in path/to/filename.php on line xxxIt is usual to get cryptic error messages when executing php code. It is not intentional but essentially it tells us that the code is not right in just about the indicated area. 

Take a look at the sentence given below.

variable ="select item from my_images where id =$key";

We will have to look a little ahead and a little behind the "=" symbol, in this case.

At first glance, everything seems to be in order. This is true, especially, when one is in an agitated condition.

But, if you analyse the php program statement carefully, you will notice that you have forgotten to place the mandatory $ sign, which indicates that the word is a php variable.

This is a common error in php. 

Place the $ sign before the variable name and all things seem okay.

As to the question of why you need the $ in the first place, it is to declare that this specific word will store some information within.
It provides m…

Chennai shuts down for Cyclone Vardah's visit

Chennai is devastated, would probably be an understatement. Well, it might be an exaggeration, but closer to the truth.

Vardah is closing in
The morning started normally in Chennai; it had started raining the previous night. And, I was keeping track of its progress through windytv, which showed the progress of the cyclone continuously. And, it looked like Chennai is going to be real close to the eye of the storm.

By the way, Chennai has not directly been attacked by a cyclone, at least not from memory. If you ask the experts, they would tell you like "this reminds us of 1972, when something like Cyclone Vardah happened"!

We decided to attend office and started around 10. Traffic was lean and the warnings on TV helped the cause. It was windy with occasional gusts, though it didn't rain much; only a constant drizzle.
Couldn't enter the road where our office is located because a tree had fallen across the road. Found a place under a fairly young tree who looked like he could…

Database connection failed...Error: 2003 Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (13 "Permission denied")

Database connection failed...Error: 2003 Can't connect to MySQL serverWhen trying to connect through my web application in php, I encountered the above error message.

The solution seems obvious. You just need to assign permissions properly to the user.

But, I have already assigned permissions to the user and it works when I connect through the mysql command line.

When I use the command
/usr/bin/mysql -u alkrie -p mydb
I get prompted for the password and when I key it in, I get the MySQL prompt promptly.


So, the MySQL connection is established when connecting through the command line, but generates "Database connection failed...Error: 2003 Can't connect to MySQL server" error, when connecting through the browser.

I looked around for a solution and homed in on a solution. This issue seems specific to a version of Linux. My server is a Centos 7

Find out your Redhat version using the command
cat /etc/redhat-release

Solution to Database connection failed...Error: 2003 Can&…

Safe guarding your electronic transactions

Safe guarding your electronic debit card or credit card dataA little while ago, I was going through an article titled "Six seconds! That's how long hackers need to guess your credit card details"

It elaborates on how ingenious crackers can steal your card information and make purchases in short time.

From my experience, there are a few precautions one may take, to prevent or minimise our credit card or debit card data being stolen or misused.

Keep two Debit Cards but transact on oneAlways, have two debit cards on you. And use only one card regularly for all your transactions. Also ensure that the balance in the card that you use for electronic transactions is as low as you can afford it to be. When it depletes, you can always transfer amount from your other main account.

This shields your main account from hackers and your other card details, even if it is misused, will not bother you too much, since the balance is always kept at a certain minimum.

Beware of software installs…

An incident at a nationalised Bank - Demonetisation

Counter staff refuses to allow withdrawal of more than Rs.10,000/-There was this alleged incident, which happened recently at a nationalised bank in Chennai, where an account holder was refused withdrawal of Rs.30,000/- which he was entitled to withdraw, within the weekly limit of Rs.50,000/- imposed by the central government of India.

The sequence of events is as follows:
The account holder goes in with a self cheque.At the counter, duty staff rudely says he can withdraw only Rs.10,000/-Customer asks whyStaff says, "Go and see the manager".Customer refuses, saying he will not budge until he gets his money.Hearing the commotion, the bank manager comes out.Enquires with the customer; customer refuses to speak to the manager.Tells him to get details from his staff.Manager discusses with employee and then comes back to the customer.Tells him the problem; there is a shortage of cashPlease take the Rs.10,000/- and get the rest afterwards [tells him a time]Customer comes later and c…