Monday, October 22, 2007

Is there a science beyond science (or) Do you believe in magic?

This is a log of an incident that happened a few weeks ago.

One definition of magic on the Internet:
The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.

Magic is part of a larger science, that has not yet been accepted or understood by the scientific community.

We have seen magicians make trains and planes, even the Taj Mahal disappear, on TV live. We have always been interested and fascinated by such activities, if only in the hope to find the trick that cheats the audience.

I met with such an interesting individual in the recent past. I am logging the meeting since something interesting and fascinating happened during that time.

He is an islamic mystic with universal beliefs. A colleague had mentioned about him during a casual conversation and I had evinced an interest to meet with him.

He frequently visits Chennai. And it was during one of his visits that I happened to meet with him. He was staying in a lodge in one of the busy areas of Chennai. We bought some fruits since it is the first time I am visiting him. (In India, it is custom to not go empty handed when you visit someone)

We went on a sunday afternoon. A slightly overcast sky made our drive a bearable one. (Chennai, for the uninitiated, has three seasons; summer, summerer, summerest).

After the introductions were over, we were chatting generally. During the course of the conversation, he asked for my helmet. He took a small flat tin box, which contained black paste that resembled the eyeliner that women use. He took a little of it in his finger and gave the box back to me. He then asked me to put the box inside the helmet.

In the next two minutes something happened that you cannot explain in scientific terms (not atleast in the present scientific scenario).

He started taking new five hundred and thousand rupee notes from inside the helmet. Notes that looked fresh and straight out of the mint. There was a mild fragrance in the room. The notes also smelled sweet. This continued for sometime until the bed he was sitting on contained a small hill made of the rupee notes.

He later explained that these were brought in by the elemental that he had been given by his teacher. These currency notes are probably brought from a real location somewhere around the place (eg., a bank locker). They will disappear (which means they will go back to the place of origin) after 2 and half nazhigai (60 minutes).

Chennai - A southern port city and capital of the state of Tamilnadu, India
Nazhigai - 24 minutes
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