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How to send email from a form ?

How to send email from a form ?

I had asked this question a few days ago myself. And have been scouting
google for the answer. To be honest, I did get quite a few answers.

But, the problem lay in finding the compatible tool for my installation.

My limitations were:
- I do not own the server
- I cannot install or uninstall any tool on to the server
- The server help was not very familiar with the installation either
- I had to scout the server details (info like the MTA used by the server)

So, was born a script that does not rely on the server configuration, for sending mail.

This script is in php (I tried to use the formmail script, but found that
this is easier) and relies on direct communication with the SMTP server to send mail.

The script uses SMTP AUTHentication for sending mail. This script assumes that you are using the Exim MTA for your email transport.

As you see in the script, though the SMT Protocol (SMTP) is standard, the request and response for different servers are slightly differen…

Is there a science beyond science (or) Do you believe in magic?

This is a log of an incident that happened a few weeks ago.

One definition of magic on the Internet:
The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.

Magic is part of a larger science, that has not yet been accepted or understood by the scientific community.

We have seen magicians make trains and planes, even the Taj Mahal disappear, on TV live. We have always been interested and fascinated by such activities, if only in the hope to find the trick that cheats the audience.

I met with such an interesting individual in the recent past. I am logging the meeting since something interesting and fascinating happened during that time.

He is an islamic mystic with universal beliefs. A colleague had mentioned about him during a casual conversation and I had evinced an interest to meet with him.

He frequently visits Chennai. And it was during one of his visits that I happened to meet with him. He was staying in a lodge in one of t…