Monday, September 24, 2007

Hypocrites all, You, I and the World!

Have you heard about the new role of the Chennai Metropolitan Police? Yes, they have decided to clean up the muck in Chennai's famous Marina Beach. Indeed.

That's a good thing, you say. Why is it hypocrisy? Because, you and I do not go to the beaches of Chennai in the morning or mid afternoon. Those that come there since they have free time. Isn't this the land of the Kamasutra? Why cannot a few lovestruck couples have a good time necking with each other?

Don't the police have anything more important than to do this, is the question. Ask any citizen in this country about the image he has of the Police and you will know. It reminds me of the sequence in the Bible where Jesus speaks to the crowd thus: "Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her."

mmm... Do you see the television channels these days, the song sequences, the movies, the mega mega serials, the comedy shows et al? The people who can get corrupt are watching the television damn it. The television is there through out the day.

The kids are being taught to swear, to abuse, both physically and emotionally, to not respect parents and elders, about revenge, about making money any which way you can...

This morning there was news about a few school kids who kidnapped and killed a kid, inspired by, yes you guessed it, by some television shows.

On the one hand we are worried about lovebirds in the beach sands corrupting the society, and on the other hand, we promote intimate scenes in the television right inside our homes.

1. If you haven't seen some, you would think they were foreplay scenes from porn movies, the intimate kissing scenes (close-up scenes of the navel, busts and derrieres, kissing on the neck, ears, lips, suggestive movements {which are innocently imitated by the youngsters} and so on).
2. Then you have scenes of grown up men kicking and screaming using swear words, gory scenes where footlong knifes pierce the skin and blood splatters on the face. How realistic, wow!
3. You also have comedy shows where it is cool to swear at your father, mother and all. Yes, cool indeed.

Remember that these are being seen by innocent kids and their emotions waver in the multitude of directions, whose results could be seen in the coming years.
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