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Personal Magnetism - Psychic Powers and how to develop them

Following are extracts from a book called "Your Psychic Powers and how to develop them", by Hereward Carrington, Ph.D.

Use the contents at your own discretion.

We all know the difference between a positive and a negative personality; between an individual who is naturally successful and one who is not. The former seems to attract to himself success, happiness and prosperity; the latter seems to repel it. It is not necessary for a naturally positive person to say anything or to perform any action in order to make us feel this power within him. It seems to radiate silently from him as a form of power. Many times, doubtless, we have all stepped into a room, an elevator, etc., and immediately felt the strong personality and presence of an individual of this character, possessing much natural magnetism. They may know nothing of this power; perhaps hardly realise they possess it, although they do, -in many cases, to a remarkable degree. Properly developed and utilised, this power he…