Tuesday, July 25, 2006

KISSing and the art of doing things right!

Gotcha! I made you click there, didn't I? Now, I have to worry about making you read through this entire piece. Actually, this piece is all about the principle of KISSing. You were not tricked into clicking on the link. But, speaking the language of a lawyer, I merely presented the truth differently.

In everyday life, there are a lot of things happening that should not be. But what brings some to the limelight is the prominence of those involved. Or the scandalous nature of it vis a vis the present day scenario.

Well, I believe every one of us has holiness inside. To attribute holiness only to a few select individuals is probably the reason that we see the kind of ruckus created when a head of a religious organisation or institute or a person high in the power hierarchy allegedly does an unholy thing [Holy and unholy is again a relative thing. What is right in one culture and one part of the world is wrong in another. What is punishable by death in one gets only a few years in prison in another. Who is a martyr in one is a terrorist in another]

While a similar incident elsewhere will probably give the offender a punishment, a teenaged girl who was allegedly exploited by her own people is being given the death penalty in Iran.

We are not talking about any specific incident, but about how an individual's understanding of right and wrong can change the largest democracy in the world most positively.

From my experience, if one gets a chance to flout rules, one will certainly do. Unless somebody is watching, or he/she fears being caught. That probably is a result of how we have been brought up. A simple example would be to watch an unmanned traffic signal from a hidden position. Probably, nine out of 10 vehicles would jump the signal. How do you prevent that from happening? Install a gadget at the top of the signal and tell people that it is a camera [never mind the box is empty]. Make sure that the people are aware that the instrument is watching them. Publicise in the leading papers that so many people (some cooked up figure, with photos of people in court) have been fined in the past week for flouting unmanned traffic signals. Keep doing it regularly and you will see a marked improvement in people following traffic rules.

Coming to the point, if you do something, you do it out of your interest in it. You do it because you like it. It may be wrong from a different point of view, but still you do it because you like it.

I think all the world's problems would be solved if we kept to the KISS principle (Keeping it simple).

Let us start (and end) with an individual's right and wrong. Don't do a thing that can probably hurt another, in any which way. It can be a small thing as watching both ways before crossing the road, not crossing the roads in junctions to serious things such as not resorting to hartals, bandhs etc, where for the benefit of a certain section of the people, a majority of the populace are put into tribulations.

We are all victims of our emotions. I believe we are all trying to come into terms with it in our lifetime.

My KISS theory is,

Do whatever you like to do, intensely.
But do not do whatever you like to do, if what you do will adversely affect another.

Let us start teaching this rule to our children at school.
So, the next generation will live life happier.
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