Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is man just a large micro-chip himself? (or) Who owns the human computer?

What follows is just a reflection of my experiences with the alternate. You may take it as it is or with a pinch of salt or sugar or whatever. I generally take a non-prejudiced stand point on a subject matter, I hope you do the same.

Assume a situation, where somebody was able to tell you your name, your parents' name, your age, your present profession etc., just by looking at your thumb impression, what will be your reaction? Most probably, you will call it some kind of a trick. It's is not surprising. We have been brought up like that. We want proof for whatever is happening or has happened, failing which we look at it with scepticism (a lot, I would say).

There are quite a few places in India and its neighboring countries, where personal details [known only to the person concerned] are read out from palm leaves (they are called Jeeva Nadi with prefixes of names of the Rishis who wrote them, like Agasthiyar Jeeva Nadi) which were written thousands of years ago. One may be tempted to ask, "Why should I go to this place? Just to hear someone read out my name, my parents' names and my age, which I already know.

That the palm leaves may or may not provide you much more information to improve your life is besides the point. The point is, how did a Rishi (Saint) know the personal details of an individual thousands of years before the individual was actually born.

We are proud about our achievements in cloning using genetic engineering, and how near we are to creating artificial intelligence. If the above fact is taken into account, don't we too come under the bracket of artificial intelligence. It would seem that the robot is trying to create another robot.

I will cite an example.
I am a computer programmer. During the process of creating a program, I can predict the problems that I will encounter during the life of the program, and if the user tells me the problem he has met with, I can also tell him what to do to solve it. I am in effect predicting something that will happen to a computer program that I created.

I am not an expert on the theory of evolution. But the purpose of this article is to initiate a debate on the existence of man.

So, did he evolve, or was he created?

Rishi (Rushi) - Holy Man
Agasthiyar - A Saint (Agastya, Agasthya)
Nadi - In this context, a collection of ancient palm leaf manuscripts written in ancient tamil or sanskrit
Jeeva - Life

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SimpleDosage said...

Hey i know you wrote this a long time ago but I have had some interesting intuitions in the past 24 hours that pointed me here for some reason. I have a message that I'm not sure will reach anyone, and its very difficult to explain (unless your really interested) how i came about this message, but its eerie how this message plays out. I am posting this here because you had both a post on omens/intuition and the origin/nature of man, which were both a prerequisite of my interest. Quite interesting that you were the first to show up on google when i did my first search. The message is as follows, intemperate as you will.

vrinda: hindi - divine virtue - budhist goddess
tunga: zulu - needlework, basketwork
Sylfaen: Welsh - Foundation
Shruti: Sanskrit - Hearing, Listening
Raavi: hindi - Sun
Mangal: turkish - barbecue
Latha: hindi - finished
Kartika: hindi - Lord Shiva's Son / November in hinduism
Gautami: hindi - River Godavari

I hope this finds you well

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