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Testing Primer - An introduction to software testing

IntroductionThis is meant to be a barebones primer on the subject of testing. This does not claim to be an exhaustive compilation but it sure contains sufficient amount of information to do a comprehensive testing by way of general guidelines.Please read through the documentation once, twice, thrice and so on until you get the grasp of the content.The idea is to get all the information given in here into your mind and make it second nature so that a general look at the page would make your eyes register the deviation or the error. It sure would take time for you to master it, but at the end of it all you would be an above average tester.All the best on your job!
How do I do it?Test it yourselfThe best person to test a program is the honest programmer him/herself. So, request your programmer to do the first round of testing and remove any preliminary bugs in the application.+ Go through the checklistDid you get a checklist from your test lead? Read through the list and memorize it. Keep…

Error when I start PerfectDisk!

Some one recently posted the following error regarding PerfectDisk.

I got this error on startup of PerfectDisk, my disk defragmenter, "Failed to connect to computer "MYCOMP", The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."

Strangely the program doesn't recognize my hard drive, but other defragmenters I have installed do? Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks for any help.

I think I have a solution for this specific error. Try the following:

1) Download and install, "Spybot - Search & Destroy"
2) Download and install, "Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal"
3) Run the installed software one after another.
4) Try executing PerfectDisk now. Does it show all your drives for defragmenting?

1. Copy and paste on Google to find download links for the software.
2. Remember to download the latest updates, when running the software for the first time.

Did it solve your problem?

Update to the above post:

A Case of Mistaken Identity!
(aka) Policeman and not a Gentleman?

If you are a resident of Chennai, you surely would have heard about the recent case of mistaken identity leaving a young man in tatters, psychologically and physically. It so happened, that the young man picked up by the police and the suspect were namesakes resulting to the arrest of the wrong man.

And he allegedly suffered the worst night of his life. It seems that he was bodily harmed by the policemen on duty at the station, in the name of interrogation. He was released the next morning, when the police found out their blunder (where the poor man was picked up due to mistaken identity because the wanted man was his namesake), and he was let off with a fifty rupee note in his hand. At that time he was barely able to walk. The incident made the news in the local channels.

This incident of mistaken identity, is another blot on the policing system. I wonder if there aren't any modern methods to interrogation. Who is at fault? What kind of training do they give the policemen for their…

KISSing and the art of doing things right!

Gotcha! I made you click there, didn't I? Now, I have to worry about making you read through this entire piece. Actually, this piece is all about the principle of KISSing. You were not tricked into clicking on the link. But, speaking the language of a lawyer, I merely presented the truth differently.

In everyday life, there are a lot of things happening that should not be. But what brings some to the limelight is the prominence of those involved. Or the scandalous nature of it vis a vis the present day scenario.

Well, I believe every one of us has holiness inside. To attribute holiness only to a few select individuals is probably the reason that we see the kind of ruckus created when a head of a religious organisation or institute or a person high in the power hierarchy allegedly does an unholy thing [Holy and unholy is again a relative thing. What is right in one culture and one part of the world is wrong in another. What is punishable by death in one gets only a few years in priso…

Is man just a large micro-chip himself? (or) Who owns the human computer?

What follows is just a reflection of my experiences with the alternate. You may take it as it is or with a pinch of salt or sugar or whatever. I generally take a non-prejudiced stand point on a subject matter, I hope you do the same.

Assume a situation, where somebody was able to tell you your name, your parents' name, your age, your present profession etc., just by looking at your thumb impression, what will be your reaction? Most probably, you will call it some kind of a trick. It's is not surprising. We have been brought up like that. We want proof for whatever is happening or has happened, failing which we look at it with scepticism (a lot, I would say).

There are quite a few places in India and its neighboring countries, where personal details [known only to the person concerned] are read out from palm leaves (they are called Jeeva Nadi with prefixes of names of the Rishis who wrote them, like Agasthiyar Jeeva Nadi) which were written thousands of years ago. One may be temp…

Karan Thapar interviews Arjun Singh

I happened to read through the transcript of the recent Karan Thapar vs Arjun Singh interview. I thought it made interesting reading.

The Devil’s Advocate programme on CNN-IBN.

Karan Thapar has been notorious in putting even the seasoned politician on the backfoot and the case of Arjun Singh was not to be an exception.

Throughout the interview the Minister was on the backfoot and at a loss of words to justify the decision of the Parliament on reservations. He was not even able to provide the percentage of the OBC population in the country. When the numbers referred to by the interviewer made the case of reservation non-essential, the minister only repeated that the decision has been taken by the parliament, an insufficient defense, to say the least.

It was an interesting read, you have to give it to Thapar. He does it meticulously, like the hyena pack attacking the prey from all sides and disorienting it.

The highlight was the part where he showed that the present Congress Government may …