Friday, May 05, 2017

Is the world a fair place?

Is the world a fair place?

May be you wished to ask "is nature cruel?"

An honest and experienced opinion would be "Nature is Just". And nature at all times, gives us only what we deserve. 

Nature gives us experience every moment of our lives, in order for us to learn from it and elevate ourselves in our quest for the truth.

What is required of us is to accept the fact that nature is always working towards our betterment. The experience and understanding of life would be different for each of us, depending on how advanced our souls are. Those near the top end of the pyramid would probably be able to see the truth in the short anecdote that follows.

Left side mirror in automobile needs to be replaced. Customer gets a call from dealer. Customer is upset and angry when representative told the painting work will be done only after customer visits the dealer.

After sometime, the dealership called and said the spare part would be sent across to the customer's address. But, when the spare part came, it did not fit. It was for a different model.

On introspection, the turning point was the angry reaction by the customer.

If the customer had said, "Okay. Will come tomorrow?" and went to the dealership, the dealer would have probably have had a look at the vehicle and could have identified the correct spare part, saving time.

Lesson learnt: Do not react to stimuli. Be still!!!

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