Sunday, November 20, 2016

magic solution for bloating and stomach gas

Some of us know how green leafy vegetables are beneficial to the body. Many of us know that ginger, when consumed does incur a few benefits on the body. We are going to see one such solution recipe, where both ginger and a green leaf called betel, when consumed together works magic on the body in a certain way. Here goes.

The wondrous magic of chewing betel leaf with ginger

Yes, it works!

A colleague was suffering from a bloated stomach due to gas. Someone was commenting that eating fibrous foods may result in gas problems.

He was suffering from this problem for over a week.

Another friend, who was overhearing the conversation, interjected and said, "Hey, I told you about eating a betel leaf with a piece of ginger last month, didn't I?".

"Oh yes, you did". "Now, I remember". I will definitely try tonight.

Luckily, there were two betel leaves and a piece of ginger at home.

Consuming the betel leaves and ginger

After having dinner, he shaved off the skin from the piece of ginger. The ginger piece could be a centimetre or half long. Then he removed the petiole (leaf stalk) and the base of the leaf. Next, he flipped the betel leaves and proceeded to scrape the veins of the betel leaves using his long fingernails.

It is said that the veins of the betel leaf should not be consumed as they damage the constitution.

He then folded the ginger piece in the leaves and proceeded to put it in his mouth and chew.

Ref: He could feel a difference within a few minutes of consuming this astringent and warm tasting preparation.

Bloating and stomach gas solved

By morning the next day, the stomach felt fresh and no symptoms of gas were found. Thus, he swears that this is a proven remedy for stomach gas.

Hope this solution for bloating and stomach gas works for you.

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