Friday, October 21, 2016

Calendar template for a bird's eye view of events

A bird's eye view of events in a calendar template

I wanted a calendar template that would show me a list of events that we have scheduled for the month, for our internal use.

I am okay with jQuery, Javascript and all, but why take the effort to re-create a wheel when it is available readily.

So, I jumped into the Google ocean and looked around for this Calendar shrimp. There were many available, but this particular module from seemed appropriate.

It is based on php, jQuery and Javascript, which is my development environment as well. It has all the requisite code in a single, simple, easy to understand piece of php file.

You would need to provide the database credentials in the file dbConfig.php. 
There is a function getCalender() in the php file functions.php, where you can make changes in the section [id="calender_section_bot"], to change cell colours and to show additional information as you find appropriate.

I made some changes to the table structure and the script to customize it to suit my requirement.

Note that you have to link to the bootstrap css, jquery js files and the custom style sheet to make it display properly.

If you do not link to bootstrap css, the alignment of the calendar will misfire.

Here is the link to the calendar template.

Build event calendar using jquery ajax php

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