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The Game called Cricket!

Cricket! It used to be called the Gentleman's game, in the days of yore. Is it anymore?

If you are a gentleman, you would give back the excess change you got at the store. If you are a gentleman, you would smile and tolerate short change given to you at the store. May be you will ask once, but if the storekeeper insists, you would walk away.

This is neither a store, nor are we gentlemen. It is a matter of victory in war. All's fair in love and war.

I am referring to the Symonds's incident last night. There used to be a time when cricketers felt ashamed about such a thing happening on the ground. But, times have changed. It is alright to be dishonest; and admit it. In fact, it is hip. "It is my day. I was given not out anyway".

Little does he realise that there are kids out there looking at him. Kids, to whom he is a role model. Kids, who emulate him, and tell themselves, its okay to be dishonest.

Thats bad for cricket, and in general.

Not surprising when this ha…