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How do I protect my computer from the Interne(t)Devils?

People keep wondering how to keep their computers free from viruses and worms and other Internet (d)evils. I have tried to put in some information for those who would be seeking answers to the questions regarding Internet Defence in this document.

The Internet is no more a safe place. You are vulnerable the moment you are connected to the Internet. As a regular Internet user, you would be advised to follow some basic rules to distance yourselves from the threats that are impossible to avoid completely.

I assume that you are using a Windows machine (such as XP or Windows 2000).

If you are not very familiar in using the computer, ask your computer technician to
1. Install a personal firewall and configure it
2. Install an antivirus utility
3. Install Firefox browser
4. Install Ad-aware
5. Install Spybot S&D
6. Download Process Explorer and Hijackthis

After installation, your computer has to be checked once for viruses and spyware, immediately.

Alternately, you could prefer to do it yourself. F…

A few things that I heard about Azim Premji (Wipro Chief)

A few things that were said about Azim Premji (hearsay from the mouth of an employee who had seen him up close). I had to record it since I found it interesting and inspirational.

He is not finicky about the mode of travel. He always travels Economy Class. He is also not worried about the brand of car or taxi that he uses to commute. Once when the car that was booked for him did not turn up, he coolly took an auto-rickshaw to his destination.

Compare this with another boss, who waited for 2 hours for a Mercedes to turn up (the time it took to get a replacement when an alternate Toyota or Skoda were available immediately)

Whenever he can, he always stays at the company guest house. He takes food from the company canteen. He says, "What is good for my employees is good for me".

His son was refused stay at the company guest house, since it was only for employees. mmm!

He sees professional and personal lives differently and doesn't mix business with personal.

At one point of time,…