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Testing Primer - An introduction to software testing

IntroductionThis is meant to be a barebones primer on the subject of testing. This does not claim to be an exhaustive compilation but it sure contains sufficient amount of information to do a comprehensive testing by way of general guidelines.Please read through the documentation once, twice, thrice and so on until you get the grasp of the content.The idea is to get all the information given in here into your mind and make it second nature so that a general look at the page would make your eyes register the deviation or the error. It sure would take time for you to master it, but at the end of it all you would be an above average tester.All the best on your job!
How do I do it?Test it yourselfThe best person to test a program is the honest programmer him/herself. So, request your programmer to do the first round of testing and remove any preliminary bugs in the application.+ Go through the checklistDid you get a checklist from your test lead? Read through the list and memorize it. Keep…